About Us

Molay™ is a leading Indonesian tactical apparel brand founded by Arie Setya Yudha on 2009. The brand started its journey as an airsoft-enthusiast apparel that emphasize on quality of every products. Molay™ is getting larger in Indonesian selling forum, known by quality and designs. On 2011, Molay™ have extended its growth to foreign soil, starting being known by individual purchase from country such as United Arab Emirates, Austria, Canada, United States, and Germany. Molay™ also received positive review by most of them. Mid 2012, Molay have the honour to design and manufacture a special field set for Sat I Gegana, an Indonesian special police regiment.

In such a young age, Molay™, under PT. Molay Satrya Indonesia, have been respected among field operators, outdoor enthusiast, and other extreme activities as one of the best tactical apparel and gear brand that striving for quality with full focus on protection, durability, function, and innovation.

We believe those men and women who served their country deserve the best protection on their duty, and we are working hard to give the best performance design to ensure it.